Ilona Kelly

Odyssey mentoring was my first ever experience with an external mentoring program and I was approaching it with a slight apprehension. However, I began benefiting from it even before it started – just by having to stop and think about my professional and personal goals for the upcoming year. Later on, I was impressed by the sensitive and empathetic matching w/mentors in the program – I was the case of a mentee that completely misjudged the shortlist of desired mentors in correlation with my goals, but met with the helping hand of its coordinator. Throughout the year, my mentor, Monika Hovorkova, lead me on a way that was intense but revealing, and helped me sort out some of the fundamental priorities in my life – eg. career versus motherhood, as well as set me on a way of learning about my real passions and talents, and I am very thankful to Odyssey and everyone behind it for building the program to help young female professional grow.