About Odyssey

Odyssey is the oldest and most prestigious mentoring program in the Czech Republic, launched in March 2010 under the leadership of Muriel Anton, former CEO of Vodafone CZ. During six years of its existence in the Czech Republic, the program matched more than 250 future female leaders with mentors from a stable pool of more than 50 CEO’s, owners and Board members of Czech businesses. In 2014 and 2015, Odyssey expanded to Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

European Women on Boards

Odyssey is an active member of the European Women on Boards (EWoB), a non profit association of 10 organizations from 9 European countries. EWoB aims at promoting and increasing the supply of women on Boards in Europe and creating a female talent pool across European markets thus helping to increase international visibility of board-ready women.

Thanks to being part of EWoB, Odyssey members can:

Our vision

In the long-term, Odyssey hopes to establish a culture of mentoring in the CEE region, provide a center of excellence for the development of female business leaders and increase diversity in the local business environment.

What is mentoring

Mentoring is a giving experience by which mentors share their proficiency and expertise, and grow their mentees by building their confidence, enhance their education and expand their professional networks. Mentoring motivates both mentors and mentees to develop interpersonal and professional skills. Our mentors are successful and widely respected business leaders who are CEOs or senior executives. At the same time, they must be people, who are willing to share skills, knowledge and expertise and act as a positive role model.