Frequently Asked Questions

Whom can I contact for further details?

If you have any questions, please contact us through contact details provided here.

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What is mentoring?

A mentor helps you acquire skills, increase confidence, widen your perspective, avoid some errors, enhance your life, and, in short, succeed. In your personal life this role usually belongs to a trusted friend or respected teacher. In the business world a more experienced person that helps you with your professional development above and beyond your job requirements could be described as a mentor. An individual being mentored is then a mentee. Mentor can share his/her experience with you, give advice and propose solution that worked for him/her. Unlike a coach, who is subjected to rather strict rules of non-intervention and having to let you make your own choices, a mentor is free to offer his/her opinion and advice.

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How should I prepare to gain the most out of this opportunity?

We recommend you to think in advance about the career goal or learning objectives you want to gain from your mentoring experience. It is also useful to think about steps you will take to achieve this goal and then try to stick to this schedule throughout the year. Defining success indicators might be useful too. To guide you during this process, we have prepared a useful document that can help you define your goal and prepare a schedule. You can download it here.

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What does the mentoring relationship require from me?

You will be meeting your mentor once a month for approximately one hour. Our mentors are often very busy and their time is very valuable. You are therefore expected to be responsible towards their time, be flexible with your calendar, be open and proactively bring up issues you want to work on.

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How are the mentors paired with their mentees?

The matching process is coordinated by the Odyssey team. We carefully study the mentee’s career, aspirations and expectations from the program, concentrating on the expertise she would like to gain through Odyssey. Based on this knowledge, the Odyssey team offers the best possible match. However, the success of mentoring is largely based on interpersonal chemistry, therefore, the couple is firstly asked to meet personally and no sooner than they both express their explicit wish to cooperate together on a long-term basis, can they start to meet regularly.

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How will my application be evaluated?

Each application will be thoroughly reviewed by the Odyssey team. When selecting the mentees, we put a particular emphasis on their leadership potential, career goals and current achievements. We also take into account the level of seniority, the size of her team and the level to which she has direct influence on the decision-making process of the organization. Also, mentoring is the most effective tool for those facing some kind of challenge (new responsibilities, new position, career change etc.). We also take this eventuality into consideration.

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I work in HR, can I nominate a mentee from my organization?

Of course you can and it will be much appreciated. Please contact us directly.

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How can I apply?

If you are interested in becoming a mentee in Odyssey, please fill in the Mentee application web form here. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill in the Mentor application web form here. In both cases, you can also contact us directly. All our contacts are to be found here.

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What are the timelines and deadlines?

In Odyssey, you will meet your mentor individually every month (or with other regular frequency you both agree on) to work together on your assignment.

Czech republic:  the new season starts every March. Launch of the 2018/2019 mentoring cycle will be in March 2018 and we collect the applications till the end of January 2018. However, there is no “too soon” for applying as we like to be in frequent touch with all successful applicants and invite them to our regular networking sessions.

Slovakia: The new season starts every November but we accept applications continuously.

Hungary: The new season starts in February and we accept applications continuously. 

Bulgaria: The new season starts every November but we accept applications continuously.

Singapore: The new season starts every May but we accept applications continuously.


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What are the fees?

We are a non-profit entity and the mentors take part in the program, because they want to support future female leaders through sharing their know how. However, to cover our operation costs and secure the high level of commitment to the program, we charge:

in the Czech Republic – 6 000 CZK per year

in Slovakia – 100 € per year

in Bulgaria – 100 € per year

in Hungary – 50 € per year

in Singapore – we launched Odyssey mentoring program in May 2016, therefore the program is free of charge there for actual season

However, we won’t charge you anything sooner than you confirm you have found a perfectly matching mentor. The fee can be reimbursed either individually or by your employer, both is fine with us.

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What can I expect from participating in the Odyssey program?

For one year, during regular monthly sessions, you will get an opportunity to consult you professional as well as personal challenges with an experienced mentor recruited from the Czech, Slovak or Hungarian business leaders. Together, you can work on your career development, improve your leading skills and strive to balance your family life and career.  Moreover, participation in the program and a close relationship with the mentor often induce personal growth and greater self-understanding. Moreover, Odyssey organizes regular events, where you can establish relationships with other participants and mentors and broaden your personal network of contacts.

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How do you define a successful mentee candidate?

Odyssey is a selective program, which puts a great emphasis on the outstanding professional profile of the candidates. A successful mentee candidate is a talented high-potential female professional with a commitment to her career development. She either works in the top management, or one level below it (B-1). She is ready to get fully involved in the program, be proactive and responsible in taking the mentor’s time.

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