Over the past few years, we at Odyssey have seen more and more women in senior positions in business ask for a mentor who lives and works outside their home country.  To support both the personal and professional development of senior women in business, Odyssey created a separate program for mentees and mentors who wish to be paired with someone from a different country and industry.  Cross-border and cross-industry mentoring programs have been successfully run by Odyssey as the member organization responsible for these programs at the European Women on Boards for over 5 years. 

The mentors, both male and female, in the International program have both extensive mentoring and executive experience. These mentors volunteer their time to share their experience and support the development of their mentee for a 1 year period.  The monthly sessions are online which, based on feedback from the mentees, has proven to be very effective.  Of course, the ultimate outcome is significantly impacted by the motivation of the mentee! 

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or mentee in the Odyssey International Mentoring Program, please fill out our mentee or mentor form.