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Alena is the Head of Digital marketing at a Group corporation owned by one of Czech’s most successful enterpreneur. The position she holds is a newly created one and the field of online marketing is therefore relatively new for everybody, including the top management. Approximately half a year after her appointment, she was about to have a big presentation in front of the executive board, including the owner himself. She was well aware of the fact that in just one short presentation, she has to explain the general working of the field, show the results of her team and legitimize her own position. Naturally, she felt very nervous. When consulting it with her Odyssey mentor, they agreed they would invite a journalist to help Alena clarify the message she wanted to convey and translate her speech to simplier terms, that even non-specialists would understand. That helped Alena significantly and she felt very confident at the presentation. Soon, she got an invitation to take part on the decision-making process of the whole Group.

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