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Ballaert van, Sonia

Global Client Director at IBM


Sonia works as Global Client Director at IBM, responsible for account management and business development for multinational clients in the industrial sector. Sonia has 25 years of international experience driving technology-led business transformation.

As IBM Distinguished Industry Leader, she contributes thought leadership to the emerging business around sustainability, with a focus on the energy transition. She works to understand the systemic impact of the energy transition on hard-to-abate sectors, and how the application of digital technologies can drive sustainable business practices.

She is active in several industry associations: as IBM executive sponsor for Energy Institute and for Women in Mining (WIM100), and as non-executive director of Flanders Make. She is also an active member of Belgian Women on Boards and European Women on Boards.

Sonia started her career at IBM in 2002 as Partner in the consulting business, following IBMs acquisition of PwC Consulting, where she made Partner. She has lived and worked extensively in USA, Germany, Scandinavia, The Netherlands and Morocco, working in the clients’ core business for Pharmaceuticals (J&J), Electronics (Ericsson), Petro-Chemical and Energy sectors (AkzoNobel, Shell).

She earned her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. With her diverse experience and proven ability to drive innovation, she brings to any role her entrepreneurial energy and insight, the capacity to guide business transformation journeys fueled by ICT, and an understanding of the interplay of industry drivers, technology changes and the human factor.

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