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Chaloupková Michaela

Michaela Chaloupkova has been working for ČEZ for almost 20 years. She started her career there as a sales referent and worked her way up to the Head of purchasing department, where she was responsible for purchasing all services and materials needed for building and maintaining power plants, distribution networks, for coal mining and for the overall function of the ČEZ Group. No wonder that in 2010, she became a member of the company’s board, the only female one. You can say about Michaela, that she has personally been through every ladder in the company management. Now she’s leading together with Purchasing also the Group human resources, Facility and Fleet management department with around 1000 people in her team. In 2012, she first appeared in the Top 25 business women survey by Hospodarske noviny and one year later, she was voted the 4th most powerful woman within it. Michaela has three kids, so work-life balance is a very live topic for her.

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