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Hrdličková Michaela

RNDr.Michaela Hrdlickova, MBA, was born in Brno, where she also graduated from the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (now Masaryk University) in the field of General Biology. Michaela has specialized in microbiology and molecular biology and has been certified by Clinical Microbiology Investigative Methods. After several years of work in the microbiological laboratory she started working in 1995 in the pharmaceutical industry, where Michaela went through many positions from the medical representative to the CEO of the Czech branch. Since 2010, Michaela has been headed by Biogen's American biotechnology subsidiary, and since 2011 has also been Vice President of the Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association. In 2013, Michaela received an MBA specialization in Health Care at the Academy of Health Care Management Čelákovice. Michaelas mentor specialization is handed the experience to women who start in managing positions. Michaela has 2 adult children, enjoys jazz, swing, art, yoga and travel.

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