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Lemerova, Alexandra

Owner and CEO of Personal Connect s.r.o.


How many years am I in business? 31

What is my working experience? After a successful career in international corporations (PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Logica, Hewlett-Packard, Capgemini) with proven accomplishments in increasing gross profits, reducing expenses, formulating marketing strategies, ability to work in international teams, implementation of change and building and managing sales teams, I become an entrepreneur. Currently I am an owner of Personal Connect, a consulting company focusing on Executive Search, HR outsourcing and career development. Our mission is to bring added value by connecting people and companies.

Any international experience? I have a lot of international experience – working for international companies, working on the CEE region markets (almost 2 years in regional sales management role), last 10 years I am working for the companies expanding outside of Czech Republic – Western Europe, Asia •

Why have I decided to become a mentor? I like to help and support not only women but people in general. Mentor has unique ability to change someone’s worldTo give and gain new perspectives and fresh ideas. Exercise emotional intelligence.

What does mentoring mean to me? It is opportunity to help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

In which areas can I help through mentoring?  Own brand management, stakeholder management, work life balance, building life vision, how to never give up.

What can you expect of me? Full commitment, support anytime you needed, sharing all best practices which work for me, honest, directness

What should you not expect of me? I am expecting that mentee will drive the whole mentoring process, mentee is in charge not me. I will my do best to support.

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