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Lolek, Ctirad

Executive Director of Human Resources at Komerční banka


Ctirad has been working in the field of HR for more than 20 years. His experience ranges across startup projects as well as international corporations. At the latter, he successfully led extensive transformation projects. Ctirad prefers a people-oriented management approach that promotes a greater sense of belonging to the company and gives space for self-realisation. 

“Don’t ask for permission, do it and later on ask for forgiveness” is his motto.

Ctirad's current challenge is the transformation of the bank through the implementation of the agile principles and new way of work, with a strong focus on key pillars such as the company culture, workforce, work environment and efficiency of HR processes. He is strong in crisis management, as he recently demonstrated, for example, during an unexpected situation caused by a pandemic. He has an overview of current trends and knows how to implement them effectively, even when it comes to larger and more complex organizations.

Ctirad’s rich experience comes from various business segments, such as Automotive, Banking, Telecoms and Steel. He holds a Master's degree in sociology and andragogy and an ACSTH certificate from QED Group, a member of the International Coach Federation. In 2018, Ctirad was named HR Person of the Year. He is a mentor at the Equilibrium programme of the British Chamber of Commerce and participates in the HR Strategy programme of PMF as an expert trainer.

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