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Nuyens Hedwige

Managing Director of the International Banking Federation Country - Belgium


Hedwige Nuyens has more than 30 years of experience in the Banking Industry and in Finance.

She currently heads the International Banking Federation representing the banking industry at international level. The International Banking Federation (IBFed) includes all the major national banking associations (United States, European Union, Japan, Australia, Canada, South Africa, China, Brazil, India and Korea) covering more than 95% of the banking industry. Hedwige leads the IBFed's policy advocacy, contributing to increase the effectiveness of the financial services industry's response to the multilateral and national government issues affecting their common interests. Previously she was Head of Group Prudential Affairs within BNP Paribas, CFO of the Catholic University Louvain and CRO of ABN Amro Bank in Belgium. 

Hedwige holds a Faculty of Law and a Master Financial Sciences from the Catholic University Louvain and a Master in Business Administration and Finance from the EHSAL Brussels.

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