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Schneiderová Babeta

Babeta believes that her main job as CEO of BoHo (Bohemian Hotels & Hostels) is to motivate and develop people. She truly believes that key to a successful business are motivated people.

And this does to apply only to businesses in hospitality industry in which she has been operating for the last 15 years. Her work career took her to Germany, United Kingdom and United States. She has been happily back in her home town of Prague for over four years. Babeta feels that the general public’s perception of hospitality industry in the Czech Republic is not very positive and therefore she decides this needs to change and she started an initiative HospitaLidi (www.HospitaLidi.cz). The ultimate goal of HospitaLidi is to educate Czechs about the benefits and career options of the hospitality industry.
In Babeta’s spare time she enjoys running and is a founder of a running group Adventní běhání (www.adventnibehani.cz) which tries to help those in needs through running during the festive season.

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