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Tibarewal, Richa

Country - Singapore


I am an expat in Singapore and a digital nomad at heart, I have travelled to 23 countries and lived in 12. My day job as a Project and People manager in a Consulting firm helps pay my bills. I recently co-founded and launched a media publishing content platform The Bulletin Box as a side hustle that celebrates writers & speakers and runs campaigns on social issues and topics to spread awareness & share information.

Passionate about volunteering, mentoring & women empowerment, i currently head the Global Operations & Singapore chapter of a Not for profit Singapore based Global organization 'She Loves Data'. It has become an essence of my life and i am elated to contribute to its growth & widen its reach. It is always a joy to learn new skills and network with people from different cultures and industries. I also mentor with My Odyssey (Based in Europe) and associated with couple of other mentorship communities & help my mentees find a way to upskill & keep themselves relevant & motivated.

I am always excited to welcome every new opportunity, experience & change with a glass of champagne and hope life continues to unfold new surprises in a good way! 

Happy to connect & meet anytime for a quick in-person/ virtual coffee.

Odyssey, z. s.

Odyssey is a non profit Society established pursuant to Section 214 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, for the pursuit of educational purposes.
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