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Zuzana Chudoba

Me and My Odyssey journey

I have always been very passionate about my work and put all my affords to achieve good results. When I was appointed to regional role as Development Manager of Sales, Marketing and Customer Services in YIT Group, I realized that being responsible for 6 different markets requires even more than plenty of time, energy and focus. I was lucky to become mentee of My Odyssey at the same time and meet my great mentor with Finnish origin who helped me to plan more precisely, have more strategic approach and lead me through some of challenging situation. After the intensive year with My Odyssey I was more confident, closer to my team seated across Europe, understanding different cultures and way of their communication. My former mentor and myself become good business friends and we continue in good cooperation until nowadays.

I ought to mention that My Odyssey journey continued even after the official year, thanks to awesome lady originally from the USA who I met at joined Odyssey events. She became my coach during the time when I was preparing to leave to my maternity leave. Thanks to very efficient cooperation, her help and understanding I was promoted to Customer Experience Director Central Eastern Europe when I returned at work full time.

The journey with My Odyssey have helped me not only achieved my desired carrier goals, but more importantly allowed me to meet great business people and friends, set the right work-life balance and create my life values.

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